Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tanikala at Talinhaga (Chained Metaphors)

"Tanikala at Talinhaga" (Chained Metaphors) is a documentary on artist-political prisoners in the Philippines: National Democratic Front peace consultant Alan Jazmines, a poet and visual artist; activist poet-songwriter Ericson Acosta, and film student Maricon Montajes.

This clip features the segment on poet Ericson Acosta.

There are more than 400 political prisoners in the Philippines today. For more information, please visit


Read this Yahoo! article on Ericson Acosta -- "My grandson Emmanuel watched a film on national hero 'Jose Rizal'. I knew there are some questions lurking in his mind: what was Rizal writing  and why was he in jail? Why was he shot and what was his crime?"

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