Monday, April 4, 2011

Nanding Josef on Ericson Acosta

Nanding Josef

I feel very, very sad, and angry that until now, things have not changed much since the dark days of the Marcos regime and all throughout the rest of the other anti-poor, pro-powers-that-be, mostly corrupt regimes, as epitomized by the Arroyo regime. Until now, brilliant young leaders who opt to leave the comforts of city life and live simple lives to directly serve, protect and empower the forgotten majority in our country are so quickly put behind bars when (only) suspected of violating some laws, while the most "brilliant" plunderers of our people's money whose crimes are known and proven by both the public, their own peers, the media, the courts, the houses of people's representatives remain scot-free, get to ride in their air-conditioned cars, report for "work" in their air-conditioned government offices, receive their monthly salaries and get their "pabaons."

All these past administrations who during election campaigns promised heaven and earth to the poor – food on the table, equality, justice, end to corruption, quality education – have hardly kept their promise.

This new administration is now challenged to be different from its predecessors. Be speedy in serving justice. Free those whose only "crime" is genuinely serving the least served. And jail without delay those who have greedily taken away the "food on the table of the poor."

Free Ericson Acosta. I know him personally as a cultural worker. I am humbled by his sacrifices and his commitment to the poor. My accomplishments as an artist and cultural worker are nothing compared to his.

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